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Journal Club

Fall 2015 meeting time is: Wed 3-5PM, 2369 BI.

The papers we read are either at: Private, papers?
A list of papers from 2010 review can be found at: Journal Papers for Review

Goals: The Jol club is intended to be a general learning experience for everyone. You cant (shouldnt) just be an expert in your personal research area. You need to have a wider perspective. We work on all things related to human communication, including but not limited to:Speech perception, cochlear function, neural processing, transducer design, acoustics of the middle ear, hearing aid signal processing, speech signal processing, speech recognition (but not ASR systems), speech coding.

2016 Spring

Wednesdays 3-5pm Beckman 2169

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year) URL
TBD Masking Release in Children and Adults With Hearing Loss When Using Amplification Brennan et.al (2016) pdf
TBD Speech perception in older hearing impaired listeners: benefits of perceptual training Woods et.al (2015) pdf
TBD Aided and unaided speech perception by older hearing impaired listeners Woods et.al (2015) pdf
TBD Age-related changes in consonant and sentence processing Woods et.al (2013) pdf
TBD Predictors of early reading skill in 5-year-old children with hearing loss who use spoken language Cupples et.al (2014) pdf
TBD Phonological awareness and early reading skills in children with cochlear implants Ching, Day, Cupples (2014) pdf
TBD Outcomes of 3-year-old children with hearing loss and different types of additional disabilities Cupples et.al (2014) pdf
TBD Outcomes of early- and late-identified children at 3 years of age: Findings from a prospective population-based study Ching et.al (2013) pdf
TBD Generalizing time-frequency importance functions across noises, talkers, and phonemes Michael I Mandel, Sarah E Yoho, and Eric W Healy pdf
TBD Speech intelligibility in noise Kleijn, Hendriks, Vary pdf
April 27 Ali TBD
April 13 or 20 Sarah TBD
April 13 or 20 Li TBD Bilger & Wang pdf
April 6 Chris S Consonant identification in consonant-vowel-consonant syllables in speech-spectrum noise (JASA) (and Measuring consonant identification in nonsense syllables, words, and sentences (JRRD)) Woods et.al (2010), JASA, JRRD JASA: pdf (JRRD: pdf)
Mar 9 Cliston Working Memory and Hearing Aid Processing: Literature Findings, Future Directions, and Clinical Applications Souza, Arehart, Neher (2015) Attach:SouzaEtal2015.pdf
Mar 2 Kanru
Feb 24 Saraj The middle ear muscle reflex in the diagnosis of cochlear neuropathy Michelle D. Valero, Kenneth E. Hancock, M. Charles Liberman Attach:ValeroHancockLiberman-MEMR-Neuropathy.15.pdf
Feb 17 Ali Consonant recognition loss in hearing impaired listeners Phatak, Yoon, Gooler, Allen (2009) Attach:PhatakYoonGoolerAllen09.pdf
Feb 10
Feb 3 Sarah
Jan 27 Chris S. Modeling temporal asymmetry in the auditory system Patterson & Irino (1998) Attach:PattersonIrino-Masking.98.pdf
Jan 20 Ali A Phoneme Perception Test Method for High-Frequency Hearing Aid Fitting Schmitt et.al. (2015) Attach:SchmittEtal2015.pdf Δ

2015 Fall

Wednesdays 3-5pm Beckman 2369

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year) URL
Dec 2 Jont
Nov 18 Chris S. Masking release in children and adults with hearing loss when using amplification Brennan et.al (2015) Attach:Brennan2015.pdf
Nov 11 Kenton Project presentation
Nov 4 Cliston Prelim practice
Oct 28 Ali "The effect of cue-enhancement on the intelligibility of nonsense word and sentence materials presented in noise" Hazan and Simpson, Speech Communication (1998) pdf?
Oct 14 Jie Poster presentation at Bloomington, IN meeting
Oct 7 Cliston Consonant reception in noise by listeners with mild and moderate sensorineural hearing impairment Zurek & Delhorne (1987)
Sep 30 Jont Image method for efficiently simulating small-room acoustics Allen, J. B. and Berkley, D. A. (1979), JASA pdf
Sep 23 Jie Sources of variability in consonant perception of normal-hearing listeners Zaar & Dau, (2015), JASA
Sep 16 Ali Consonant confusions in white noise Phatak, S., Lovitt, Andrew and Allen, Jont B., (2008), JASA pdf
Sep 9 Chris S. ? ?
Sep 2 Jie Consonant and vowel confusions in speech-weighted noise Phatak, S. A. and Allen, Jont B,(2007), JASA pdf

2015 Spring

Wednesdays 3:30-5pm Beckman 2169

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year) URL
May 6 Cliston Refining a model of hearing impairment using speech psychophysics Jepsen, Dau, Gitza (2014) pdf
Apr 29 Sarah boundary element method for the calculation of sound fields in the human ear canal Stinson Daigle (2005) pdf
Apr 22 Dennis On Sound localization, The role of head movements and vestibular and visual cues in sound localization Wallach, 1938, 1940 pdf,pdf
Apr 1 Chris S. Munson Gardner "Growth of auditory sensation" (1947) JASA djvu
Mar 25 Jont Munson "Loudness Patterns" (1950) JASA djvu
Jan 28 Ali The role of recovered envelope cues in the identification of

temporal-fine-structure speech for hearing-impaired listeners (Letter)

JASA pdf

2014 Fall

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year) URL
Dec 17, 2014 Sarah Input impedance of the cochlea in cat Lynch 1982 djvu
Dec 10, 2014 Dennis/ Noori Glassberg, Moore and Bacon/ Motional Z paper proposal JASA 1987 pdf?
Dec 3, 2014 Dennis Glassberg, Moore and Bacon JASA 1987 pdf?
Nov 12 Dennis Miller and Lickliter "Intel of inter speech" 1949 Other papers on foward masking pdf?
Nov 5 Noori Practice final exam
Oct 22 Dennis (&Ali) Fulton, Lister (Unreviewed MS) Unpublished (Oct 2014)
Oct 15 Zeyuan (Max) A verification experiment of the second formant transition feature as a perceptual cue in natural speech Cvengros and Allen; 2010; Unpublished (Jan 2010)
Oct 1 Jie Lu Behavioral measures of cochlear compression and temporal resolution as predictors of speech masking release in hearing-impaired listeners Oxenham et al, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 134, 2895(2013) doi?
Sep 24 Cliston Contribution of Consonant Landmarks to Speech Recognition in Simulated Acoustic-Electric Hearing Chen Loizou, Ear Hearing (2010) pdf
Sep 17, 2014 Max Harris and Dallos: Foward masking in the aud nerve J of Neurophy pdf
Sep 11, 2014 Singh and Allen (2012) & Toscano and Allen (2014) JASA pdf
Sep 3, 2014 Dennis Forward masking model Meddis 2005 pdf

2014 Summer Schedule

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year) URL
TBD Sarah Presentation of Research "Acoustic intensity, impedance and reflection coefficient

in the human ear canal"

Farmer-Fedor and Rabbitt; JASA Aug 2002; 112(2);600-620
Aug 27 Jonathan An Analysis of Perceptual Confusions Among Some English Consonants Miller & Nicely 1955 pdf
Aug 20 Paul & Zeyuan (Max) Consonant and vowel confusions in speech-weighted noise Phatak & Allen 2007 pdf
Aug 12 (Tu) 12:00PM 2369 Noori, Cliston, Christoph (presented by Jont) IHCON Practice
Aug 6 Noori (& Cliston?) IHCON Practice
July 30 Cliston Amplitude compression in hearing aids Allen 2003 pdf
Jul 23 Chris & Robbie Harvey Fletcher's role... Allen 1996 pdf
Jul 16 Jie How do humans process and recognize speech? Allen 1994 pdf
Jun 4 Chris B "Responses of "lower-spontaneous-rate" auditory-nerve fibers to

speech syllables presented in noise. II: Glottal-pulse periodicities"

Geisler 1991 Part I pdf?, Part II pdf?

2014 Spring Schedule

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year) URL
May ? Sarah Modeling the eardrum as a string with distributed force Goll and Dalhoff; JASA Sept 2011; 130(3);1452-1462 pdf
Apr 15 Dennis Sound transmission to and within the human ear canal Hammershoi and Moller pdf
Apr 9 Michael TBD TBD pdf?
Apr 2 Jie Importance of envelope modulations during consonants and vowels in segmentally interrupted sentences Dan Fogerty 2014 pdf
Mar 26 Sarah "Using acoustic distortion products to measure the cochlear amplifier gain on the basilar membrane" 1992 Allen & Fahey pdf
Feb 26 Sarah &
Practice for AAS / "Abnormal CT Findings Are Risk Factors for Otitis Media-Related Sensorineural Hearing Loss" 2013; Yang, Kim, Shim, Ahn,
Chung, Yoon, Park
Feb 19 Dennis Mike Mcmillan (2013) "Sample size requirements ...." Ear and Hearing pdf
Feb 12 Cliston Acoustic characteristics of English fricatives Jongman JASA 2000 doi, pdf
Feb 5 Jie & Sarah Fast waves at the base of the cochlea (Draft) Recio-Spinoso & Rhode pdf
Jan 29 Michael Harvey Fletcher's role in the creation of communication acoustics Jont pdf
TBD TBD An algorithm to improve speech recognition in noise for hearing-impaired listeners JASA 2000 doi, pdf
Jan 22 Noori Calibration paper FletcherSmithTarWolfe 2005 pdf

2013 Fall Schedule

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year)
Dec 2 & Dec 9 Corrine & Cliston French and Steinberg 1955 FrenchSteinberg47.djvu djvu
Nov 25 Dennis and Noori Calibration papers Zebian-JASA-2012.pdf, FletcherSmithTarWolfe05.pdf pdf, pdf
Nov 18 Cliston? Noise-induced cochlear neuropathy is selective for fibers with low spontaneous rates Furman, Kujawa, Liberman (2013) pdf
Nov 4 Andrea Phoneme representation and classification in primary auditory cortex Mesgarani, David, Fritz, Shamma (2008)
Oct 28 Noori Generalized Solutions of Webster's Horn Theory Osman K. Mawardi (1949) pdf
Oct 21 Michael On externalization of sound images Hartman Wittenberg 1996 pdf
Oct 14 Sarah Tympanometry (Tutorial) Shanks et al. (1988) pdf
Oct 7 Andrea Practice Defense!
Sep 30 Roger & Jont Representation of Speech-like sounds in the Discharge patterns of auditory-nerve fibers JASA Delgutte 1980, JASA '68'(3) pp 843+ djvu
Sep 9 Sarah Measurement of the acoustic input immittance of the human ear Rabinowitz (1981) pdf

2013 Summer Schedule

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year)
Aug 7 Noori The balanced electromagnetic separation transducer:

A new bone conduction transducer

July 24 Noori Bone Conduction Transducers Cortez
July 10 Andrea Prediction and entropy of printed English Shannon (1951)
July 3 Sarah Bone-Conducted Sound: Physiological and Clinical Aspects Stenfelt and Goode (2005) djvu
June 26 Corinne A model for context effects in speech recognition. Bronkhorst AW (1993) djvu
June 19, 11AM Sarah Factors contributing to bone conduction: The middle ear Stenfelt et al (2002) jasa
June 12 Andrea Identification of Stops and Vowels for the Burst Portion / A review of perceptual cues and cue robustness Winitz, Scheib, Reeds 1971 / Richard Wright 2004 Stops, Cue Review
June 5 ASA, No Meeting
May 29 Song Consequences of peripheral frequency selectivity for nonsimultaneous masking Duifhuis 1973 djvu
May 22 Andrea Modeling the relation between the intensity just-noticeable difference and loudness for pure tones and wideband noise Allen and Neely (1997)

2013 Spring Schedule

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year)
May 15 No meeting
May 8 Sarah A computational model for tympanometry Chen and Shen (1996)
May 1 Dennis Part 2: extending/updating Bob's paper
Apr 17 Christoph Modelling Speech Intelligibility in Adverse Conditions Soren Jorgensen and Torsten Dau (2013)
Apr 10 Christoph Predicting speech intelligibility based on the signal-to-noise envelope power ratio after modulation-frequency selective processing Soren Jorgensen and Torsten Dau (2011) pdf
Apr 3 Christoph Characterizing auditory processing and perception in individual listeners with sensorineural hearing loss Morten L. Jepsen and Torsten Dau (2011) pdf
Feb 20 Christoph Distinctive features and acoustic cues Parker Frank (1977) pdf
Feb 13 Corinne Predicting consonant confusions from acoustic analysis Dubno and Levitt (1981) djvu
Feb 6 Christoph A verification experiment of the second formant transition feature as a perceptual cue in natural speech Robert M. Cvengros, Jont B. Allen (2011)
Jan 30 Andrea Review of CV perception research in hearing impaireds Zurek and Delhorn (1987), Dubno et al (1984), Owens (1978) djvu, djvu,
Jan 16 Christoph Perceptual Confusions Among Consonants, Revisited: Cross-Spectral Integration of Phonetic-Feature Information and Consonant Recognition Christiansen, Thomas Ulrich (2011) pdf

2012 Fall Schedule

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year)
Nov 28 Christoph Harvey Fletcher's role in the creation of communication acoustics Allen, J. B. (1996) pdf
Nov 7 Andrea+? French and Steinberg + Boothroyd and Nittrour
Nov 14 Andrea+Jont+? Traveling waves on the cochlea Temchin, Ruggero

2011 Schedule

Date M/D Presenter Paper_Abrev_Title Author (year) Presentation
Feb 23 Cliston+Jont What the frog's eye tells the Frog's brain Lettvin IRE Proc. pdf
Feb 23 Andrea+Joe Reconstructing Speech from Human Auditory Cortex Pasley , Shamma Et. Al PLoS Biology pdf Δ
Feb 16??? Jont How to give a lousy talk Rhodes, Justin Beckman presentation (pdf Δ, pdf)
Feb 9 Sarah, Noori, Jont Effects of Middle-Ear Disorders on Power Reflectance Measured in Cadaveric Ear Canals Susan E. Voss, Gabrielle R. Merchant, and Nicholas J. Horton Ear & Hearing 2011;32(6), 14 pages pdf
Jan 25 Sarah Ear-Canal Reflectance, Umbo Velocity, and Tympanometry in Normal-Hearing Adults / Hearing loss Rosowski et al, Nakajima et al Ear & Hearing (2011) (djvu,djvu)
Jan 4 Jont+Andrea+Joe? Evaluation of HI listeners using a Nonsense-syllable test Dubno et al J. Speech and Hearing Resh (1982) pdf
Dec 21? Joe+Jont SRT and HI hears Smits and Festen JASA Nov. 2011 pdf
Dec 7 Roger + Sarah Acoustic intensity, impedance and reflection coefficient

in the human ear canal

Farmer-Fedor and Rabbitt JASA Aug 2002; 112(2);600-620
Nov 30 Claus + Jont Good-Turing Frequency Estimation Without Tears Gail and Sampson http://www.grsampson.net/AGtf1.html
Nov 16 Claus + Andrea Enhancing intelligibility: Evidence for lateral suppression Bashford, Warren and Lenz JASA vol 117, pp365-9; 2005 ()
Nov 9 Roger + Sarah Review of Impedance theory (Roger) and methods (Sarah) to prep for Zweig discussion Roger and Sarah+Cac

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